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About 14 Gauge Wires

Sitting at the craft table, you put the finishing touches on your latest piece of jewelry. Using 14-gauge wire, you have made a beautiful necklace using a variety of stones and beads. Wire comes in handy for more than making jewelry. Many of the electronics used today have wiring as part of their makeup, whether to provide power or carry a signal. This includes speaker wire used in stereo systems in the home or a vehicle. You can find a variety of 14-gauge wire sold by reliable sellers on eBay for many different applications, including 14-gauge copper wire useful in some home wiring projects. You should also make sure that you have the proper tools for working with wire including cutters, crimpers, and other useful items. When purchasing 14-gauge jewelry wire, make sure to get enough for all of the projects you want to complete. You, too, can use 14-gauge wire to complete a variety of home and craft projects.