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About 12V Power Supply

You jump through all the Goombas, Bob-ombs, Shy Guys, and Cheep-Cheeps as you enter the gates of Bowser Castle. Running in, you jump on the axe to beat Bowser as your Nintendo handheld system abruptly turns off — it seems your 12V power supply adapter has been decimated by Mr. Mittens. Since the dawn of handheld video game systems, kitchen appliances, and household electronics, the proper adapter has been a necessity. Adapters not only provide lasting streaming power to your electrical device, but they also protect against dangerous surges that would otherwise destroy your equipment. Computers use standard 12V DC power supply adapters. These are two-part adapters that have a separate plug as well as an independent surge box. Power supplies are available through both adapters and transformers. A 12V 10A power supply transformer plugs right into computers to provide stable currents of power while protecting its components. Large inventories of 12V power supply adapters and transformers are available on eBay. Keep all your electronics running safely with the right 12V power supply.

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