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About 12V Horns

While you may not always need your car horn, it is an important safety feature for your vehicle. If your 12-volt horn is worn, you will want to replace it as soon as possible. If you know a little about cars, you will likely be able to replace your 12-volt car horn yourself, but if installation affects the airbag at all, you will need to have a professional replace the 12-volt horn. To replace the horn, you will need to locate it and keep in mind that many vehicles have two horns. They are typically located behind the grill or on the radiator core support. The horn is attached by wire connectors and a mounting bolt, and installation is a simple swapping of the old with the new. If you own a motorcycle rather than a car, replacing the 12-volt motorcycle horn will be similar to replacing your car's horn. If you need a new 12-volt horn for your car or motorcycle, make sure to stop by eBay for a large selection of parts offered by reliable sellers.