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About 12V DC Motor

Adding the final touch to the tiny metallic machine, you survey every piece of construction one final time before turning the power on. At the flip of a switch, the 12-volt DC motor inside your automaton surges to life and your robot is complete. The list of uses for a 12-volt DC electric motor is only as long as your imagination. For those people simply looking utility, use a motor to repair power seats, door openers, and many other household appliances or pieces of office equipment. Business owners can get a lot out of a 12-volt DC motor as well, since it can power a huge list of machines useful for business operations such as slot machines, cash refund devices, or automatic TV racks. A 12-volt DC brushless motor found from the vast inventory available on eBay can also help you unwind because of its uses in hobby applications such as robotics or RC vehicles. In the wide variety of minor electrical or mechanical projects you have on your plate, there is a good chance that a 12-volt DC motor will be an invaluable component.