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About 12-inch Kicker Subwoofer

Audiophiles will quickly tell you that when it comes to car stereos, it is all about the bass. Play your favorite jams like a boss with some 12-inch Kicker subwoofers. These quality subwoofers fit easily behind the seat of most any make and model of truck, so you do not lose any valuable front interior space while enjoying your music to the max. And with their trademark high-quality gray carpeting and cool metallic sunburst pattern, these subwoofers look as good as they sound. A vented pole piece ensures good heat dissipation, while a steel basket gives the subwoofer coil-cooling perimeter venting. This means that your Kicker audio equipment that can definitely take the heat. Double stitching on the edges keeps the cover solidly intact so your subwoofer always looks new. Whether you want a 12-inch Kicker L3 subwoofer or a 12-inch Kicker L5 subwoofer, the large inventory on eBay has the sound you need to trick out your vehicle. Get the most bang for your buck and crank up the tunes with 12-inch Kicker subwoofers.

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