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About 10W LED

It works all night long without complaining and costs just a few pennies to maintain. Your trusty outdoor 10W LED security light outlasts any incandescent bulb and gives you one less thing to worry about. More and more people are looking to energy-efficient LED bulbs for their home lighting needs precisely because they last so long and save on energy costs. For the patio or the porch, there are 10W outdoor LEDs, and for the den or the living room, look for 10W warm white LEDs. LED lights used to be just for watches, but they are now found in TVs, computer monitors, and everyday, all-purpose light bulbs. Not only are they much more efficient than incandescent or even compact fluorescent bulbs, LEDs do not pose the same dangers of mercury poisoning as CFLs. 10W LEDs as well as 5W and even 20W LEDs are available on eBay with convenient shipping options.