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About 101st Airborne

The Screaming Eagles fly through the night defeating the enemy and protecting freedom. The 101st Airborne goes by many names—heroes, soldiers, fighters for freedom—but the troop has long been recognized as the Screaming Eagles, just as much as it is known by the official name, the 101st Airborne. This U.S. Army modular light infantry division trains for air assault operations, noting its entrance by air, not that it attacks with airborne vehicles. Storming the enemy is no stranger to this group, and the legacy of its battles lives on. The service of members sometimes comes at a high price, but commemorating their honor and sacrifice does not have to. From the reliable sellers on eBay, you can find items such as a 101st Airborne patch, including originals and true-to-life replicas. You can also locate a 101st Airborne decal alongside hats, shirts, and other times. Commemorate your service or the service of a loved one, or just show your pride in your country, with one of these fine items to honor these heroes.