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About 100W LEDs

LEDs are a versatile kind of light found in many applications within the electronics world, and capable of being used in setups that take a range of powers despite their small size. An array of LEDs draws on more power than a single LED, but even with a 100W LED setup you get a lot more light than many expect. The possible power of a setup and their sheer reliability when compared to other kinds of lights ensures their applications remain flexible. A good example of the flexibility and power of the LED is an LED floodlight. Used to light large, open areas, a floodlight must inherently be powerful and be configurable enough for installation in a variety of places. These are available pre-owned from eBay's reliable sellers alongside other applications of such LED setups. A more covert use of the same kind of possible power is the humble LED bulb. These put the entire setup within the shape of a standard light bulb and allow people to replace their standard bulbs with long-lived and reliable alternatives. It isn't the most conspicuous use of the technology, but its availability shows how useful it is. A 100W LED setup only seems weak because people forget previous kinds of lighting have worked with the same amount of power and produced results. LEDs are on their way to producing even more