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About 1" Stems

It is no surprise that bicycles offer an endless mode of both long and short range transportation, but if you are biking with uncomfortable handlebars, your trips could easily produce exhausting back aches, neck strains, and an overall unpleasant experience for your mind and body. Fortunately, a 1” stem allows many riders who prefer this handlebar adjustment to continue riding wherever they need to go in absolute comfort and joy. Featuring 26mm clamps that fit most modern bicycle models and brands, as well as durable, high-quality aluminum materials, optimizing your stem promotes a better riding position throughout the years. Regardless of whether you need a clamp for your stem, a 1" threaded stem, or even a 1" threadless stem, these steams are surprisingly easy to install and you can complete the replacements from your garage with some standard tools and less than an hour of your time. To create the ideal handlebars that produce a comfortable and functional height regardless of how far you have to ride, you can discover brand new, stunning 1” stems right from eBay, making the days of needing to settle for riding in discomfort a thing of the past.