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About 1"Impact Wrenches

Your wife tried to convince you that you did not need all those tools in the tool shed you built after you retired, but she is so glad you have them since you are able to use them to fix her car. You pull out your 1-inch impact wrench to do some work on a few rusted undercarriage bolts, but for some reason, your socket set seems to be missing. You find the case marked "Ingersoll Rand 1-inch air impact wrench set" but find not a single socket inside. A check of your Kobalt 1-inch drive impact wrench box yields similarly disappointing results. Since you cannot afford such a setback and want to get your wife's car back on the road, you wipe the rust from your hands and get online, where you can grab a new-to-you set of 1-inch impact wrench sockets in no time flat. With reliable sellers on eBay offering various wrenches, sockets, and other accessories, you will get back on your job quickly.