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About 1-inch Handlebars

Building a motorcycle from the ground up is no easy task, and you are almost done. The only thing left to decide is which style of 1-inch handlebars to put on it. You know they come bigger than 1-inch, but you like the sleeker look this size gives you. The desired shape of your new handlebars depends on a couple of things: mainly, what kind of bike you want to have, as well as how you want to sit while riding it. The 1-inch Z bar handlebar has a wide range of rise dimensions to choose from for that chopper look and feel. You also have the choice of tracker bars and Ape Hangers. The next decision is the finish. You can get 1-inch chrome handlebars, or choose a sophisticated look and go with all black. If this sounds more confusing than you thought it was going to be, do not worry, the reliable sellers on eBay have the inventory and knowledge to get you the 1-inch handlebars that will be just right for that sweet ride you will build yourself.