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About 1 Ct Diamond Rings

As you walk the mall, you that notice your fiance is checking out the 1-ct. diamond rings in every jewelry store she passes. You see that telltale eye gleam at all the ice in those windows, and you wonder if your budget can handle the strain. But there is no need to fret, because you can find exactly what you need on eBay. There is an incredible selection of rings available for every taste and budget. If your partner likes understated elegance, consider a vintage 1-ct. diamond solitaire ring with a round or oval stone. Choose a conflict-free, natural earth-mined stone in a silver, white gold, or platinum setting. Or select one of the brilliant laboratory-made 1-ct. diamond rings that have a level of clarity and color that rivals more expensive natural stones. There are also 1-ct. princess-cut diamond ring options for every occasion. Selecting an engagement, anniversary, or just-because diamond ring is important, and with the variety of items to choose from, you are sure to find something perfect for that special person in your life.

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