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About 1" Buckle

Imagine you are walking from class to class with your backpack full of books and important papers, or out on a biking trail with your knapsack full of trail mix, when all of the sudden the 1-inch buckle ceases to exist. You realize how much you depend on these little plastic devices that keep your containers attached to the body. If you do not have them you are certain to miss them. You feel a little annoyed trying to press the 1-inch side release buckle that does not quite give, but without them you are stuck with even heavier and unwieldy metal buckles. But sometimes, the 1-inch plastic buckle needs to be replaced, and for this you can turn to the dependable sellers on eBay who offer a wide variety in good condition. These sellers can get you any 1-inch buckle you may need right when you expect it with their convenient and reliable shipping options.