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About 1-inch Aluminum Tube

You do quite a bit of contracting work on the side, and you spend so much time at the local home improvement store getting materials. When all you need is a piece of a 1-inch aluminum tube, it takes forever to find the salesperson, who finds the person in the correct department who cuts the tubing. Never mind waiting in line at checkout after all of that. Your fabrication project is due in just several days, and you need a non-corrosive metal like aluminum to help finish up the job. Why not look to some of the most reliable sellers on eBay for materials such as a 1-inch ID aluminum tube? With a vast inventory from many different suppliers and manufacturers, there are materials in both new and used conditions, with much 1/4-inch aluminum tubing. Many of the 1-inch aluminum tubes are available in a stock size, such as two or four feet, or are available pre-cut, for your convenience.