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About 1/8 Brushless

When you first enter the world of competition RC car racing, you might be overwhelmed with the different types of cars and what they offer. A good starter car is the 1/8 brushless buggy. It is a 1/8 scale sized RC car built for off-road use. The 1/8 scale brushless motor is a popular one among RC car enthusiasts due to its performance. This motor offers a lot of power for a large acceleration and very fast speeds. The power of the 1/8 brushless motor depends on the body shape of the car chassis, aerodynamics, and performance parts. However, if you are just starting out, a base model RC car is all you need without all the extra performance parts and frills. Purchase all of your 1/8 brushless buggy parts, motors, and kits on eBay to take advantage of the excellent selection of both full cars and parts from reliable sellers.