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About 1/72 Armor

For military and war buffs, 1/72 armor provides a way for them to show their hobby and their love of wartime and military memorabilia without the need to dress up and act out wartime battles. Additionally, 1/72 diecast armor model kits can allow you to create your own armor masterpieces, complete with stickers that resemble the original markings as well. Dragon armor helps to make all manner of German, British, and American tanks, and model kits provide hours of entertainment as you put the model together, and then a sense of satisfaction when assembly is complete. For those who just want to own armor pieces, you can buy tanks, vans, and other resin products, while the enthusiast can create quite a collection of 1/72 armor pieces just by finding them on eBay. Reliable sellers on the site provide items in perfect and not-so-perfect condition, depending on what you type of model you need. By shopping on the site, you can release your inner general and arm yourself with all of the 1/72 armor you can handle.

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