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Shop the large inventory of diecast toy vehicles including diecast cars, trucks, and vans!

About 1/64 Scale

Today, Johnny is a police officer; yesterday, he was a bus driver; tomorrow, he might be a race car driver. Thanks to his collection of 1/64 scale die-cast toys, Johnny can be whatever he wants to be. 1/64 scale cars are perfect toys for young children, encouraging imaginative play and keeping idle hands busy on dreary days. However, these miniature motors are not just for kids. There are many collectors all over the world who are fascinated with die-cast toys from manufacturers such as Matchbox and Hot Wheels. These collectors hunt high and low for rare, limited-edition models and certain pieces to complete displays or a 1/64 scale diorama. If you are such a collector or you know someone who is, the reliable online sellers on eBay have a large selection of 1/64 scale die-cast cars, trucks, and other vehicles, including rare models you are unlikely to find in stores.