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Shop the extensive inventory of diecast toy vehicles including 1:64 diecast and toy vehicles!

About 1/64 Diecast

Bobby tears around the NASCAR circuit, taking first place before hopping into his fire truck and rushing to put out the blaze at the other end of town. It may sound crazy and heroic, but really it is just another day in the life of a five-year-old's imagination when he has a collection of 1/64 die-cast toys to play with. For children, 1/64 scale die-cast models are tactile toys with cool colors and moving parts. They are great for encouraging imaginative play and are versatile enough for use indoors and outdoors. For adults, those same 1/64 toy trailers, cars, trucks, and emergency vehicles are valuable collectibles to be preserved in mint condition and put on display. Whether you are looking for something for an adult collector or just some old toys the kids can use in the sandbox, you are sure to find what you need on eBay, where reliable sellers offer a massive range of 1/64 die-cast vehicles to suit all tastes.