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About 1/4 RC

If you are a car enthusiast, but you do not have the garage space for the full-sized versions, browse the large inventory of 1/4-scale RC cars available on eBay. Choose the miniature of your favorite mini Cooper or a Monster truck replica that is minimal in size, but provides maximum performance. The four-wheel drive radio-controlled Monster Truck features a rechargeable battery with a two amp DC charger for less downtime. It is painted and detailed to perfection. The ready-to-run truck features full-time 4WD and realistic all-terrain tires with waterproof electronics to keep you going in water, mud, and snow. The 2.4 GHz radio system makes sure there are no channel or frequency issues to slow you down. The selections of 1/4-scale vehicles are not limited to new cars or monster trucks. There are rare, vintage, and new tanks and airplanes as well. Some are customized or custom-made while others are stock cars or collectible versions that sometimes come with accessories and spare parts. Whether you are feeling the need for all-terrain trekking, rock crawling, or soaring, a 1/4-scale RC vehicle will get you off the beaten path.