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About Ertl 1:18

The Custom Camaro revs its engine before speeding off, under the kitchen table, around the stool, and out onto the front porch where it parks neatly along with the rest of your son's 1/18 Ertl die-cast toys. The 1/18 Ertl Camaro is just one of many toy cars that the Ertl Corporation produced in the popular 1/18 scale since 1945. Other models include a 1/18 Ertl Corvette, Charger, and Nova, all of which feature meticulous detail. Those details make these models as popular with collectors as they are with kids, and many adult Ertl fans have display cabinets filled with rare die-cast models. Older Ertl models are out of production, but you can still find them on eBay, where reliable sellers boast a huge inventory of popular die-cast brands. Whether you need a rare Chevy for your husband's 1/18 Ertl collection, or a bulk lot of secondhand models for the next NASCAR race your kids host on your kitchen floor, sellers on eBay offer the best chance to get exactly what you want at a great price.

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