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Shop the extensive inventory of diecast toy vehicles including AUTOart diecast cars, trucks and vans!

About 1/18 Autoarts

Fancy cars that command a higher price on the market also require bigger representations in car models. 1:18 AUTOart diecast models allow you to appreciate the high-end cars even more since they come in larger-than-usual scale. You can find several AUTOart Lamborghini 1:18 models that are definitely faithful to the design of the real ones. A signature edition of the diecast model of the red Lamborghini Aventador in black wheels and interior would be a great display piece in a room. All of the sleek Lamborghini cars can be yours, as diecast models at least, by collecting the 1:18 models, which have doors that you can open and feature interiors with fine details. When you are a Porsche fan, there is also an AUTOart Porsche 1:18 diecast model. The diecast model of the black Porsche 911 997 GT2, for example, can leave you in awe with its realistic features that are not only limited to a hood that opens but also extends to the great craftsmanship on wheels, seats, and even the dashboard details. Buy new or vintage 1:18 AUTOart car models from a reliable seller on eBay. With amazing details, these cars seem to be the next best thing to the real cars.