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About 1/12 Ferrari

It is time to instill an important hobby into your child, now that he or she is the right age to begin enjoying model car building. The perfect first kit, though a bit challenging, may be the 1/12 Ferrari. Often sold as a sleek, red car, it offers just enough cool factor to interest the average 10 to 12 year old who is learning to build. The 1/12 scale Ferrari is just one of the options in model cars available from the reliable sellers on eBay. You could also pick up the Revell Ferrari 1/12, which is a blue model often sold with a racing stripe and number on the side. For racing fans, this may be the ideal choice to consider. No matter what your goal is, the 1/12 Ferrari is a fantastic option. Once you get it in, you know you will have to spend some extra time every Sunday working on it with your child. But, of course, it is for your child, right?

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