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About 02 WRX

Why go on exotic vacations in faraway lands when you can just take your 02 WRX for a spin around the track and let the world disappear for a while? You know, just step on the pedal of your Subaru and tear off into the sunset, leaving all worries behind. Because where the rubber meets that road, you are, for a brief moment, completely invincible. While you may feel that way, your amazing beast of a machine is still subject to wear and tear. Over time, you will need to replace parts of your 02 WRX such as the headlights, coilovers, and hood scoop, among others. On eBay, you can find new, used, and refurbished WRX parts that you can use to replace or upgrade your favorite escape. Keep your Subaru 02 WRX in topnotch condition so you can roll down the windows and feel the wind in your hair as you speed through the metro whenever you feel like it.