Weight Watchers Books Help Plan Your Weight Loss

Many consumers are looking for ways to get rid of extra fat. Weight Watchers offers several types of programs to help people lose weight and get healthy. You can find new and pre-owned Weight Watchers books on eBay that will provide tips, plans, and motivation for healthy weight loss.

Should you buy a Weight Watchers book or a full kit?

You will find individual books as well as full Weight Watchers kits offered on eBay. If you are looking for basic information about various Weight Watchers plans, a book such as the Simple Start program book may be all you need. It will share the thinking behind the plan and help start you on the way. Purchasing a kit gives you access to more books and other resources that can help you as you continue your journey. If you already know the plan you want, buying a kit will provide you with additional tools to support you during the program.

The items included in a kit

The kits vary based on the Weight Watchers program they support but include Weight Watchers books and other supplies. A typical Freestyle kit includes:

  • Program introduction guide that includes Weight Watchers recipes
  • Pocket reference guide
  • Dual shopping and dining out guide
  • Point calculator
  • Point trackers
  • Carrying case or tote bag
What is the Momentum program?

Every few years, Weight Watchers updates its programs based on the most recent research into health and nutrition. The Momentum program is based on a point-counting system where every food is given a point value. Participants are then challenged to limit their points for the day. The program focuses on encouraging low-glycemic, filling foods.

What is the Points Plus program?

The Points Plus program is the one that followed the Momentum program. It is still a point-counting program. However, in an effort to prevent binging due to hunger, the daily point target was raised. In addition, fruits and vegetables were given a point value of zero to encourage healthier choices.

Features of the Freestyle program

Weight Watchers Freestyle books represent the current version of the Weight Watchers program. Weight Watchers continues the trend started in earlier programs of encouraging healthy eating choices by offering more than 200 zero-point foods. Now, high protein foods such as eggs, yogurt, and broiled chicken will not count toward your daily point total. To offset the increase in calories, point total goals have been lowered. In addition, weekly rollover points are built in to give more flexibility and spontaneity in meal-planning.

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