Vintage Rolex Dials for Your Restoration Project

Nothing says classic quite like a vintage Rolex watch. For your next restoration project, buy vintage Rolex dials on eBay. eBay carries a wide range of used vintage Rolex dials so that you can find the perfect dial for your project.

Vintage Rolex dials add classic charm to outfit styles

Many people think of the classic silver or steel Rolex when they think of these watches. But if you are getting ready to restore a watch, you will find a wide array of classic styles on eBay. Through the years, Rolex has produced an array of classic styles in gold, steel, champagne, matte black steel, and silver. The dials you will find on eBay show a fabulous collection of the classic watches made since the 1960s. You are sure to find a watch face that works with your style on eBay.

What types of vintage Rolex dials are there?

Rolex has made a relatively wide array of watch types. Many of these are specialty, and you are sure to enjoy browsing the large collection on eBay. You might even discover something you've never seen before. Some of the watch face types are:

  • Oyster
  • Military
  • Pie pan
  • Zenith
  • Submarine
How should you match vintage Rolex dials with other components?

You can always go for a full remake of a certain watch if you want, but this isn't necessary. Restoring a watch is a painstaking effort that is always worth it. The first thing you should do is completely clean your parts and make sure that all the components look good together. If you aren't sure if they match all the way, try putting them under a jewelry lamp or taking them to a jeweler for a professional consultation.

In restoration, taste is more important than almost anything. If you like the way the watch looks with the parts you have, then you should stick with the style you've created. Otherwise, you can consult with a professional restorer or a vintage dealer to see what will help hold the value of the watch. If the watch is for you, the most important thing is probably whether you will wear the watch. Try taking out some of your other well-worn pieces to see if the watch is in a style that works with your wardrobe. Look at your metal vintage Rolex dial with your cuff links and suits first, then make sure you can wear your watch to the occasion you desire. Make sure to waterproof if needed.

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