Seal Your Love With a Tiffany Novo Ring

Novo is a collection of engagement and wedding rings from fine jeweler Tiffany & Co. Novo engagement rings feature stunning center diamonds mounted on diamond-encrusted bands. On eBay, you can find both new and preowned Tiffany Novo rings at price points to suit various budgets.

What cuts are Tiffany Novo engagement rings available in?

Tiffany Novo engagement rings are available in four cuts:

  • Round: The solitaire or center stone in this NOVO engagement ring is a round diamond set amid four prongs.
  • Cushion: The cushion-cut NOVO has a slightly square shape but is not quite a true square. It features aligned facets that were cut to give it a distinct "softly square" look. It is set in four prongs.
  • Princess: The NOVO collection's square, princess-cut diamond features chevron-like waves and long, triangular facets. It, too, is set into four slim prongs.
  • Emerald: The emerald-cut diamond in a NOVO engagement ring has more of a rectangular look. It is cut with parallel facets in concentric rows.
What carat sizes do Tiffany NOVO engagement rings come in?

You can find Tiffany NOVO diamond engagement rings in a variety of carats, some of which include the following:

  • 0.16 carat
  • 0.56 carat
  • 1.01 carat
  • 1.25 carat
  • 1.54 carat
Do Tiffany Novo engagement rings come with matching wedding bands?

Tiffany & Co.'s Novo collection engagement rings are designed with the option to get them as sets that include both the engagement ring and the wedding band. The wedding bands complement the engagement rings by being fully encrusted with diamonds all the way around them. Some listings offer the engagement rings and the matching wedding bands as a set. You can also purchase the engagement rings and wedding bands separately if you'd like a certain count of diamonds on your wedding ring to pair with a particular engagement ring.

The Tiffany yellow diamond

All the diamonds within Tiffany & Co.'s Novo collection are white diamonds except for the stunning yellow diamond that is the focus of some engagement rings. The yellow diamond is inspired by the famous Tiffany Diamond in style and features an eye-catching canary hue. It's set within four tapered prongs to maximize the visibility of the yellow diamond.

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