Appreciate the Sparkle of the Tiffany Lucida Ring

The Lucida collection of wedding and engagement rings from Tiffany features specially cut diamonds meant to sparkle as much as possible. This results in a stunning ring that you can use to accentuate your fingers or show a loved one how much you care for them. There is a nice collection of new and pre-owned Tiffany Lucida rings on eBay.

Discover the unique beauty of Lucida cut diamonds

The Lucida cut is a Tiffany-patented form of diamond cutting. It uses a blend of step cuts and facet cuts to create a square-shaped diamond with subtly curving sides. The 50 facets are meant to maximize sparkle while emphasizing the depth and clarity of a diamond. You can find Lucida diamonds in both square and rectangular versions. Some bands in the Lucida collection feature one large Lucida diamond, while others have a cluster of several smaller Lucida stones.

When should you look at used engagement rings?

Shopping for pre-owned Tiffany Lucida rings gives you access to designs that are no longer available. Since the Tiffany Lucida is retired, you may need to select older versions of the ring if you or your partner is set on getting a ring from this Tiffany collection. Another advantage of looking at pre-owned rings is that they are reasonably priced.

Do all Tiffany Lucida rings have square cut diamonds?

Keep in mind that a ring does not necessarily have the square or rectangular Lucida cut just because it is part of the collection. Tiffany also included several other lovely wedding band designs meant to complement the Lucida cut engagement ring, so you can find bands set with small round diamonds created with brilliant style cuts. There are also a few bands without any gems included at all.

Learn more about the metals used in Tiffany Lucida rings

When purchasing new or pre-owned Tiffany Lucida rings on eBay, you'll notice different metals have been used. These are:

  • Platinum: The majority of Tiffany Lucida rings use platinum, the rarest metal that Tiffany employs when crafting their jewelry. The Tiffany version of platinum is 95 percent pure, and it results in bands with a gentle weight and a bright, silvery color.
  • Yellow gold: One or two designs in the Lucida collection used yellow gold instead of platinum. These rings have an 18K gold band with a warm, golden color.
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