The Tiffany & Co and Frank Gehry Collection: Architectural Brilliance Meets Fine Jewelry

The exclusive collection that was the result of a collaboration between Tiffany & Co. and Frank Gehry, one of the world's most celebrated architects, is sure to delight jewelry fans. Necklaces from the Tiffancy Gehry collection combine the best of today's architecture and jewelry styles. Necklaces from the collection offer an innate understanding of materials and structure, and the architect's spontaneous and inventive style are brought to life using precious metals, gems, and wood for memorable pieces no jewelry enthusiast will want to be without.

What Tiffany Gehry necklaces are available?

Necklaces from the Tiffany Gehry collection have something for everyone. The necklaces are crafted from fine sterling silver, platinum, and multi-tone gold in addition to white and yellow gold. The necklaces are available in varying lengths to suit all tastes and needs. There are several different necklace styles in the collection, including chain, choker, and collar necklaces. The collection features many designs taken from nature. While some materials like diamonds can be found as expected in a fine jewelry collection, there are also some materials you wouldn't expect to find in fine jewelry, such as wood. Featuring the exquisite designs of the skilled architect Frank Gehry, the items in this jewelry collection offer unique designs that can't be found elsewhere.

How were the materials for Tiffany Gehry necklaces chosen?

Materials were selected that would best suit the unique sizes and contours of each unique Gehry piece. Gemstones, gold, silver, and wood were the primary components for the first collection, and they gave the artist what he considered to be a broad palette of colors and textures to draw upon.

What separates Tiffany from other jewelers?

Since 1837, Tiffany has been a leading jeweler for a number of reasons.

  • Craftsmanship: Tiffany strives from the beginning of each piece for the highest craftsmanship. They start with the best materials they can acquire, thoughtfully plan superb designs, and execute each piece with precision.
  • Diamonds: Diamonds are what Tiffany is most known for. Using the Kimberley Process, they only buy from environmentally and socially ethical mines. Next is cutting, polishing, and grading before the diamonds are finally set in a fine jewelry piece. Tiffany's hires those in mining communities to cut and polish diamonds, providing jobs to thousands of people.
  • Certification: According to Tiffany's, all their diamonds are graded in-house using their own lab and a grading system very much like GIA, only stricter. The company holds itself responsible for the grading of their own diamonds. To ensure a diamond matches what is stated, they go down in grade.
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