Choose the Perfect Speedo LZR Elite Suit to Decrease Drag

If you’re a competitive swimmer looking to gain edge on the competition, you’re probably looking for a Speedo LZR Elite. This swimwear line is known for the high-tech innovative fabric called Speedo Fastskin, which reduces drag, adds horizontal compression for muscle performance, and offers vertical stretchability. No matter your budget, eBay can help you find a Speedo suit that will give you a competitive edge in the pool 

Which Speedo LZR Elite models are available? 

There are both mens’ and womens’ cut Speedo Fastskin LZR Elite swimsuits available on eBay, including these styles:  

  • A comfort Strap Kneeskin with open or closed back — a knee-length suit for women.
  • A LZR Elite Jammer — knee length bottom-short for men or women. This model is also available in a high-waisted style.
  • A Racer Pro Recordbreaker, which resembles a traditional bikini-cut Speedo women’s suit.

Features and benefits of Speedo LZR Elite suits  

Speedo's swimsuits are innovative with water-resistant materials and manufacturing technology that focuses on the reduction drag. Watch for these additional features as you shop for the perfect suit:  

  • Silicone leg grippers to keep the suit in place during races while ensuring comfort
  • Bonded seams that reduce drag
  • High-level of water repellency compared to other suits

Which swimsuit style is right for you? 

It depends on your comfort preferences and need for flexibility. Men often prefer Kneelength Jammers, as less material causes less drag. Women may prefer Kneeskin styles to gain the benefit of muscle compression in their legs. A closed-back vs. open-back style is also a matter of comfort and preference. Closed-back styles may eliminate more drag than open. Speedo’s Comfort Straps are wider with softer material and may help eliminate discomfort on the shoulders due to the suits’ tightness. 

How do you choose the correct swimsuit size? 

The best way to find your correct swimsuit size is by measuring your bust, hips, high and other dimensions with a measuring tape. These measurements can be compared to the Speedo size chart. Remember, when you are trying to reduce drag in the pool, tighter swimsuits are best. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but after entering the water, your Speedo’s material will stretch slightly. The tight fit is intentional in order to decrease drag and increase muscle compression. 

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