Scuba Fill Station is Useful for Supplying Compressed Air

A scuba fill station is a great way to fill pressurized air tanks easily and efficiently without having to take the tanks to a dive shop. With a scuba tank full of compressed air and a fill station, users can fill up various types of air tanks in their homes. A fill station is small and simple to use, and you can find several models on eBay. 

What is a scuba fill station used for? 

A scuba fill station is a type of adapter that is used in conjunction with a scuba tank to fill a pressured air system. It is most commonly used to fill paintball tanks, which perform better with compressed air rather than CO2. With a filled 3000psi scuba tank and a scuba fill station, you can provide air to around 15 to 20 paintball tanks. See the manufacturer’s site for details. 

Parts of a scuba fill station 

A scuba fill station is used to fill a pressured air tank. It typically consists of a box with a pressure gauge, a pressure regulator, and various types of connections. Some of the parts that are either included or can be added are:  

  • Gauge: The gauge is used to display the pressure of the compressed air. It can come with a removable ring and a U clamp.
  • Adaptor: An adaptor is used to connect the fill station hose to the scuba tank if needed.
  • Bleeder keeper: This prevents the bleeder knobs from falling off.
  • Bleed valve: A bleed valve releases compressed air.
  • Regulator: This helps control the flow of compressed air.
  • Whip hose: A whip hose is used in conjunction with a paintball tank.
  • Coupler: A coupler is a connecting device for the scuba fill station.

How to use a scuba fill station 

Using a fill station to provide compressed air to a paintball tank is a fairly straightforward process. First, place a seal between the fill station and the scuba tank. Attach the fill station to the scuba tank using a wrench to tighten the connection. Screw the paintball tank to the air source adapter (ASA). Set the scale, and suspend the bottle from it. Before filling, open the valve on the scuba tank. Tighten the knob on the ASA to open the valve on the paintball tank. Bleed the paintball tank to completely empty it before filling. Zero out the scale to read zero ounces when the tank is suspended. Begin to fill the tank, watching the scale to ensure it does not overfill. To remove the paintball tank, unscrew the ASA to close the valve. Bleed the line, and remove the bottle.