Rolex Watches Are Built to Last and Be Beautiful

Rolex has been one of the biggest names in the wristwatch industry for decades, and the timepieces made by this company last as long and look absolutely stunning for many years. When you shop on eBay, you'll find a great variety of Rolex watches to choose from.

A diamond bezel adds beauty

Bezels are on all watches, but diamond bezels are usually more for beauty than timing functions, as is the case with rotating bezels. On a Rolex watch, there are a few ways that the diamonds can be placed. One style of diamond placement that Rolex uses is the 12-point bezel in which a diamond is placed at each hour. Another diamond placement style is the 24-point bezel, which has a large diamond at each hour and 12 smaller diamonds in between.

What materials are Rolex watches made from?

Rolex watches are made from several materials, including:

  • White gold: 18k gold is often used in Rolex watches to preserve the strength of the gold.
  • Yellow gold: Rolex watches are often made with 18k yellow gold, as well.
  • Diamonds: While other gems can be incorporated into the design of a Rolex watch, diamonds are by far the most often used precious stone.
  • Rhodium: This metal is sometimes used on the face of the watch. It's related to platinum, and it's resistant to corrosion and is chemically inert, making it a material that will keep the watch looking beautiful for decades.
What can make the prices of Rolex watches vary?

Rolex watches are all made of metals that Rolex supplies itself, such as platinum and white gold, but if a piece is one of a limited batch, special edition, or is one of a kind, this will cause the value of the watch to be much higher. Rolex watches that are older also tend to be more expensive because Rolex watches usually appreciate in value after 20 or 30 years because of limited supply.

What are some features on Rolex watches?

Rolex is known for using great craftsmanship, and the brand is also known for creating watches that are waterproof. Rolex watches also tend to be heavier because of the types of materials with which the watches are crafted. Additionally, Rolex watches that were made after 2002 have a crown etched on the front near the sixth hour on the dial. The date on the watch is magnified with convex glass by two and a half times, making it easier to read. Finally, the company's logo, the crown, is placed at the top of the face near the twelfth hour.