Everything You Need to Know About Rock Band PS3 Bundles

Rock Band can be a great gift for the music lovers in your life, especially since there are so many options available. On eBay, you can find the right bundle of affordable Rock Band products to help you enjoy hours of PS3 gaming.

How do you choose your Rock Band PS3 bundle?

Finding the right bundle depends largely on your interests. Most sets include at least one guitar, but singers can also enjoy playing the game with a microphone and other accessories. There are also several options for drum players. Regardless of which instruments you want to play, you'll find a bundle that meets your needs. If you're a big fan of the game, there are also special-edition bundles available with extra features.

Why should you pick a Rock Band bundle?

Bundles can be a great option for established fans of Rock Band as well as game and music lovers. If you know you enjoy playing multiple instruments or want more than just the basic game, buying a bundle can save you time and effort while shopping. If you already have experience playing Rock Band and want some additional features, bundles often provide them all in one convenient package.

What is included in a Rock Band bundle?

There are different types of bundles available for PlayStation 3, but most bundles have several, similar components. Here are some items you might find included in a bundle:

  • Rock Band 2: The classic game for music lovers.
  • Rock Revolution: Enjoy additional songs and features.
  • Wireless drums: Play different sections of your favorite songs.
  • Microphone: Sing along or add a friend to complete your band.
  • Wireless guitar: Enjoy a sturdy, realistic-looking guitar with sensitive sensors.
What are some features of a Rock Band PS3 Bundle?

Buying a Rock Band bundle can give you even more ways to play in one convenient package.

  • Go on tours: Showcase your skills with new challenges and venues while connecting with other players in the Rock Band community.
  • Over 100 songs: You and your band can choose from a wide range of classic songs from various genres. Look out for new downloadable songs to add to your list.
  • Character creator: Show off your avatar's individual style on stage with new hairstyles, clothes, and accessories.
  • New designs: Quiet buttons and more effective sensors can help you focus on the music and elevate your gaming experience.
  • Additional accessories: Customize your playing experience with add-ons like cymbals, guitar straps, and other accessories.
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