Finding the Right Red Barber Chair

Barber chairs serve multiple functions. Not only do barber chairs need to provide comfort to customers, but they also need to be functional for the barber. eBay offers a multitude of affordable red barber chairs for your barbershop or home.

Functions of a barber chair

When you're looking for a new or vintage red barber chair, there are a few things to consider. Look to see if a chair lets you adjust the height; some raise and lower using a foot pedal, a hand level, or through rotational movement. Barber chairs also have the ability to recline for hair washing and shaving. Higher-end barber chairs include features such as adjustable head and leg rests, luxury materials, comfy cushions, sturdy materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, and chrome, and beefed up control mechanisms, like hydraulic or electric controls.

What are the different types of barber chairs?

Many types of barber chairs are available to match your business's needs and decor. Here are three of the main types of new and used barber chairs:

  • All-purpose chairs - All-purpose chairs are suitable for shops that offer basic haircutting, shaving, or tattoo services. Most all-purpose chairs offer basic height and rotational adjustments.
  • Traditional chairs - Traditional chairs are improved versions of the all-purpose chairs and, depending on the specific manufacturer, may include improved features such as hydraulics control, head and footrests, and comfortable materials.
  • Antique barber chairs - Antique barber chairs, also known as vintage barber chairs, offer a more luxurious design for barber shops. Antique barber chairs are usually made with quality wood and leather. Antique barber chairs from the 1950s usually come with cushioned head, leg, and foot rests. These can make great conversation pieces at work or home.
What types of barber chair mechanisms are available?

Aside from comfort, a barber chair that's going to be used in a men's salon should meet the multiple needs of the barber. You would need to have maximum control to move a customer around, adjust their height, and recline the chair as needed to give the customer quality service and experience. As a result, different types of control mechanisms are available at different price points. Here are two options that offer better control mechanisms:

  • Electric - Electric barber chairs offer maximum control. Individual features can be controlled independently. The headrest and footrest can be independently customized with a press of a button.
  • Hydraulic - Hydraulic chairs have lifting mechanisms that are filled with hydraulic fluid and pressurized gas. Any adjustments involve the difference in pressure as the hydraulic fluid passes from one chamber to another within the chair. Adjustments are precise and smooth.