Rare Stones and the Sparkle of the Padparadscha Sapphire

The desire for some stones is based on their color or how much are mined for public use. The shining padparadscha sapphire is primarily found in Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania; they have a dark glow of pink-to-orange and give off a unique iridescent glow. You can find natural padparadscha sapphire stones, rings, or jewelry on eBay.

How do you choose this stone?

You can choose an affordable padparadscha sapphire stone based on the cut and the stone's natural color. The most common location is from Sri Lanka, which provides the gem in rather large numbers. The pink, yellow, red, and orange colors all occur naturally. It's mostly found as salmon pink through a clear diamond-like body. The cuts of this gemstone require light to shine through it for its greatest effect and sparkle.

Keeping things precious and all in one stone

The glowing padparadscha sapphire gem can be natural or can be prepared as follows:

  • Cut stones: Sizes of 12x10mm and 10x8mm are available. See the manufacturer site for details. These cuts and sizes are then fashioned into jewelry for earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.
  • Stone certificates: Some stones are backed by certificates to support their identity. You'll see where it was mined or if it's from the lab.
  • Shapes: Shapes include pear, emerald, and cushion. The way the stone captures and reflects the light makes the cushion and oval shapes the preferred choices.
Features of the padparadscha sapphire gem

The sparkling padparadscha sapphire has the following distinct features:

  • Ranging colors: The colors range. Red-orange is its base color. The color can then shift to pink or yellow as well as light to dark.
  • Heat-treated: The level of heat a padparadscha sapphire is treated with alters its color from a stone that may hold different hues to one that has a solid tone throughout its center.
  • Locations and mines: Stones from Madagascar have a stronger pink tone while sapphires from Sri Lanka hold a yellower hint. Those found in Tanzania resemble the strong pink of Madagascar's gems. The Umba Valley also provides these stones in their natural hue.
  • Lab-made: Consider lab-made padparadscha sapphire stones for a size and color content that you dictate. These are more difficult to find.