Quality Keyboard Music: Impressive Depth and Dynamics with the Nord Stage 2 88

If you're a musician who'd like to enjoy a variety of keyboard sounds making use of the latest piano, organ, and synthesizer sound technology, Nord Stage 2 88 keyboard synthesizers are equipped to provide the musical diversity you crave. The keyboards offer a user-friendly interface, an 88 hammer action weighted keyboard, and a level of quality control to please professional musicians. 

What sound sections does the Nord Stage 2 88 offer? 

Three sound generating sections are offered by Nord Stage 2 88 keyboards, and they can be used independently or simultaneously. Up to two sounds from each section can be added into a single composition for flexibility.  

  • Organ section: Stage 2's dedicated organ section makes use of the 3rd generation B3 Organ model found in the Nord C2 Organ. There are three tone wheel modes to choose from. The keyboard also offers emulations of two of the more famous transistor organs of the 1960s: the Vox Continental and the Farfisa Compact.
  • Piano section: This section offers the latest sampling methods, capturing unique piano nuances and the character of the individual original instruments. With intuitive String Resonance in the mix to recreate the sound of piano strings resonating at their proper frequencies, the resulting sounds are high quality and realistic.
  • Synth section: Stage 2's synthesizer engine originated with the Nord Wave. It can create classic analog synthesis, Wavetable synthesis, three operator FM synthesis, and can make use of the Nord Sample Library. Using the Nord Sample Editor for PC and Mac, user-made samples can be loaded to the instrument to offer extensive new creative opportunities.

Features of the Nord Stage 2 88 keyboard 

The Nord Stage 2 88 keyboard on eBay offers an array of features to musicians, including the following:  

  • Connectivity: The keyboard offers AUX input, MIDI connectivity in and out, line input and output, USB connectivity and storage, and the ability to connect headphones and pedals.
  • Effects: Several great effects are offered including arpeggio, chorus, delay, equalizer, and reverb.
  • Keyboard: The instrument itself offers a full-size 88-key keyboard with hammer action that has piano-type key style and is velocity sensitive.
  • Sounds: The keyboard can incorporate hundreds of voices with 60-note polyphony. It also offers layers and split capabilities.
  • Onboard: Additional features include backlit LCD, pitch bend, and modulation.

Can the Stage 2 88 keyboard control external devices? 

Nord's Stage 2 master keyboards can control external devices with ease. Its Extern Section was devised to manage the performance of external devices, so any MIDI-connected gears are integrated flawlessly with the built-in instruments of Stage 2 88. 

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