Create Unique Music With a Moog Theremin

The theremin is one of the oldest electronic musical instruments, developed by the Russian inventor Leon Theremin in 1928. Its unusual sound has been a hallmark of science fiction and horror movie soundtracks for many years, lending a sense of mystery to the scene. If you would like to try making music with this gesture-controlled instrument, you can find and buy a new or used Moog theremin from the eBay collection. 

What features does a Moog theremin typically have? 

While there are three common models of Moog theremins available, the basic features are the same.  

  • Nickel-plated brass tubes for pitch and volume control
  • Headphone jack
  • Volume, pitch, and waveform controls
  • Hand-stained hardwood cabinet; plastic cabinet for the Theremini
  • Mountable on a standard microphone stand

The differences between the Etherwave and the Etherwave Plus 

The two traditional models of Moog theremins offer the same hands-free operation, but they vary in their abilities. The Moog Etherwave theremin is the standard model that most closely resembles Leon Theremin’s original instrument. It has a headphone jack for practice at home, as well as audio output to connect it to speakers. The Moog Etherwave Plus theremin takes the instrument further into the world of electronic music. Its headphone output includes a pitch preview option. The musician can hear the pitch before the audience and make the appropriate corrections. The Etherwave Plus can also be connected to a synthesizer through a CV Gate. The synthesizer can then be controlled by the hand gestures of the musician. 

Moog Etherwave Theremini features 

The Moog Etherwave Theremini is the most recent addition to the collection. It is geared toward beginning musicians. It includes a built-in tuner display as well as a small, built-in speaker for playback. Another feature in the Moog Theremini is user-assisted pitch correction. Normally, by moving a hand around the pitch controller, the frequency of the note glides up or down. An imperfect position leads to a sharp or flat note. When pitch correction is active, the theremin will only play the correct frequency for the pitch in the scale. As the musician’s ability improves, this feature can be turned off for normal playback. 

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