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What to Know When Choosing Kate Spade New York iPhone 4 Cases or Covers

Cases or covers are designed to protect the iPhone 4 from impacts, spills, and other types of accidents. They are available in a variety of configurations and styles. The Kate Spade New York cases/covers for iPhone 4 smartphones are available in different materials, designs, and colors.

What types of materials are the phone cases made from?

The available materials for the covers include:

  • Hard plastic: These covers fit over the iPhone like a shell.
  • Silicone gel or rubber: These materials are flexible and are typically used for the wrap or skin styles of covers.
  • Leather and faux leather: This material is featured on the exterior side, and a microfiber or second layer of leather or faux leather is used on the inside of the cover.
What are some of the features of cases for iPhones?

Choose from features like:

  • Card slots: This gives you a place to store your credit card, work identification, driver's license, or state identification card. It is available in the wallet style of case.
  • Kickstand: This holds the case up so that the phone can be used hands-free for viewing videos or using the speakerphone option.
  • Storage compartment: This feature gives you a spot to store the iPhone's charging cable or other accessories.
  • Strap or belt loop: This is made of nylon webbing or leather and may include a carabiner or snap for opening and closing the loop.
What are the available designs for the iPhone covers?
  • Glossy and metallic: The finish is glossy and reflective of light or features a metallic look in shades of gold, silver, platinum, or bronze.
  • Jeweled: The case may have decorative elements such as crystals or rhinestones.
  • Patterned and pictorial: A multi-colored patterned design, stripes, or picture is printed onto the case.
  • Transparent: The cover is see-through.
  • Matte and plain: The finish is smooth and absorbs light.
What are the available colors for the iPhone covers?

Some of the available case color options for these phones include:

  • Clear: This is used for the cases with screen covers and the wrap styles.
  • Glitter: This may be embedded into the clear covers or onto the metallic, shiny, or patterned designs.
  • Neutrals: Black, white, and gray are available.
  • Rainbow: The full spectrum of colors, from red through violet, is available in solid, bicolor, or multicolor options.
What are the types or styles of the iPhone covers?
  • Wallet: This opens in thirds and has one or more slots for cards.
  • Battery: The case has a built-in battery as a backup for charging the iPhone.
  • Flip: This cover opens like a book. It may have a kickstand.
  • Wrap or wristlet: These products have a loop or strap for carrying in the hand.
  • Skin or fitted: This flexible case wraps around the smartphone like a skin. It may be soft or hardshell in construction.
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