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Third Generation MP3 Players With a Whole Lot of Storage

Take your Apple iPod Classic 3rd generation MP3 player with you everywhere for on-demand entertainment. This portable audio player debuted in 2003 with a Touch Wheel feature and four buttons to help you navigate. When it debuted, the 3rd generation models came in 15 to 40 GB hard drive storage capacities.

How Does the Design of the iPod Classic Affect Functionality?

The Touch Wheel helps you scroll faster through your music playlists. Touch-sensitive and LCD backlit buttons are easy to use, whether you're using the device in well-lit areas or environments with low-light conditions. Moreover, the iPod's slim profile and compact size mean you can operate the device with one hand. Slip it into a pocket when you're done. The headphone jack, hold switch, and dock connector are easily accessible so you aren't scrambling to find ports and switches. Furthermore, the device weighs about half a pound to cut down on hand fatigue and cramping.

What Are Key Features You Can Enjoy?

  • Battery Life: Apple switched out the lithium polymer battery to a lithium-ion battery. On average, you should get 8 hours of battery life before a recharge.
  • Storage: You can keep hundreds to thousands of songs in one place so you'll never run out of music.
  • Audio Formats: Along with MP3 formatting, you can use VBR (variable bit rate) and WAV file types for improved sound quality. The digital music player also supports AAC (advanced audio coding) format that takes ups less space than MP3 files.

What Other Ways Can You Use the Device?

You can easily transfer music you've downloaded and organized on a computer to your iPod Classic. Use a USB cable to sync the device and transfer the data. Moreover, the built-in sleep timer and alarm clock help you get up on time and stay on schedule. You can select whether you want an alarm tone or one of your favorite tunes. Also, if you're waiting at a doctor's office, you can play Solitaire or other games. Furthermore, enter contact information, makes changes to your personal calendar, and add and remove activities from your to-do list. Likewise, you can download text-type information to the iPod's screen. Review a restaurant menu, read about your favorite musician, or try out a new recipe by following steps displayed on the device's screen.

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