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Important Information to Know About iPhone 6 Plus Unlocked Smartphones

The iPhone 6 is the 8th generation of the iPhone since Apple released the first one in 2007. It came with a number of design changes compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 5s, including a bigger screen and different form factors. You can take advantage of these aesthetic and usability designs when shopping for an affordable unlocked iPhone 6 on eBay.

Benefits of an unlocked Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Purchasing an unlocked new or used Apple iPhone 6 Plus smartphone means your phone isn't linked to one specific cell phone service provider, giving it the ability to jump from network to network. This provides a myriad of benefits you wouldn't get with a carrier-specific phone, including the following.

  • International Use - It's simple to choose a network on an unlocked phone, making an unlocked 64 GB iPhone 6 Plus a valuable device when traveling internationally.
  • Contracts - Avoid a two-year contract with a phone company thanks to the versatility of an unlocked phone.
  • Value - The resale value of an unlocked phone is higher than a contract phone thanks to their versatility. For lower iPhone 6 Plus pricing, unlocked phones are the ideal option.
  • Remote Areas - Get connection when camping or exploring in remote areas thanks to an unlocked phone's ability to use any SIM card.
Does the iPhone 6 have a camera?

Yes. In fact, the iPhone 6 had the most advanced smartphone camera of its time upon its release. The camera can be used to take pictures, shoot videos, and communicate with other people via FaceTime. The following are some features of the iPhone 6 Plus camera.

  • 8MP - The 8MP camera takes sharp, clear photos.
  • Autofocus - The Autofocus feature on the phone's camera gives you a strong depth of field for a camera on a mobile device.
  • Panorama Mode - Pano mode on the camera allows you to take expansive edge-to-edge photographs of landscapes.
  • HDR Mode - High Dynamics Range mode on the camera helps it identify highlight and shadows to create depth in photographs.
Are there multiple colors available in an iPhone 6 Plus?

Yes. The iPhone 6s Plus 64 GB is available in multiple colors, so you can find the one that best fits your personal style. When shopping for an unlocked Apple iPhone 6 Plus, you will find it in the following colors.

  • Gray
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Black
  • White
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