Whether you wish to enhance how you listen to music at home, work, or on-the-go, iHome speakers offer a variety of sizes, styles, and capabilities to elevate your audio enjoyment. iHome produces a variety of compact audio systems designed based on your portability, feature, and functionality preferences.

What types of iHome speaker systems are available?
  • Alarm clocks - Designed to fit on standard bedside tables, or nightstands, this iHome device offers the function of traditional alarm clocks, with the option of playing FM radio or music from your personal collection. This type comes in multiple styles and offerings. For example, select models perform basic functions while others offer an Apple Watch charging dock.
  • Portable speakers - Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, portable iHome systems are rechargeable and compact. Select models offer color changing capabilities, which adjust colors based on music beats. Connection to music sources, such as your phone, is supported via Bluetooth or auxiliary cords. Recharge your device through its USB port. Select models offer voice command, which is powered by Melody.
  • Vanity speakers - On the surface, these speakers look like a standard vanity mirror, but when connected to your phone, this mirror transforms into a portable speaker system. Available in several designs, this iHome device offers adjustable LED mirror lighting and connects to a music source via Bluetooth or an auxiliary plug.
  • Wireless speakers - Enjoy your music through Wi-Fi connections while taking advantage of rechargeable portability. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, these speakers stream audio wherever Wi-Fi is available.
How do you connect your phone with an iHome device?

There are two ways you can connect your phone to an iHome system. While some models offer both options, select models offer limited connectivity options. Confirm phone connection options before purchase to ensure your preferred connectivity method is supported.

  • If available, turn on your iHome device and activate your phone’s Bluetooth settings. On your phone, look for the device name and connect. When a successful connection is made, you’ll hear a confirmation alarm.
  • Using an appropriate USB or auxiliary cord, plug one end into the iHome system and the other into your phone.
How do you play music over AirPlay?

AirPlay is an option for wireless iHome speakers. This connectivity option is only available with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or iTunes. If streaming from iTunes, you may access AirPlay from both a Mac or PC computer.

  • Confirm your speakers are connected to Wi-Fi by looking for the green LED light on the control panel.
  • Activate AirPlay mode on the control panel, which is located at the top of most iHome wireless systems.
  • Turn on your iTunes from an approved device and select your speakers as your audio output.
  • Press play on your speakers or from within iTunes.
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