Choosing the Right Facial Chair to Help Your Clients Glow

When looking for a chair to use when giving facials, you need to choose one that will provide the most comfort for your client as well as the most ease of use for yourself. A facial is supposed to be a relaxing experience as well as a skin-care treatment, so getting the right chair may help to keep your clients coming back. New and used facial chairs are available on eBay.

What does a hydraulic facial chair do?

A hydraulic facial chair has a facial bed that can be adjusted for height as well as a foot pedal that can make the bed pump up and down. The hydraulic function raises and lowers the bed. You can purchase some hydraulic beds that have a 360-degree rotational base, making it easy for you to spin the client into the correct position.

What are the features of an electric facial bed?

Aestheticians like electric facial beds because they allow them to have a lot more control over the chair. In addition to being able to adjust the height of the chair, the electric function also allows for positioning the backrest and the leg rest. Electric facial beds usually come with an extra cushion for additional comfort, and they also have a remote control that makes it easy to make any adjustments that you need.

Advantages of higher-end facial chairs

Higher-end facial chairs offer benefits like these:

  • Easy conversion to face-down position: This makes it convenient for you to adjust treatment.
  • Built-in storage: This makes it easy to reach must-have supplies.
  • Extra-thick cushioning: This helps clients stay comfortable as they recline in the chair.
  • 360-degree rotation: This provides easy access for the technician.
  • Remote control: This allows you to operate all the chair functions with the simple press of a button.
Pay attention to the weight limit of the facial chair

When choosing your facial care, consider the weight of your patrons. You want to choose a chair that has an adequate weight limit, so all your clients can feel comfortable when you're working on them. Try to choose chairs that have a weight capacity of at least 300 pounds.