Read All the Small Print With a Credit Card Magnifier

Carrying a credit card magnifier in your wallet or purse helps you to be prepared whenever you need to read anything with fine print. Choose an inexpensive magnifier from the hundreds available on eBay, and you'll no longer need to worry about not being able to access important information because you left your glasses at home. If you keep the magnifier handy, you can be prepared for any occasion that may present a need to read.

What can you use credit card magnifiers for?

The most common use for credit card magnifiers is to enlarge small print so you can read it. When trying to read the small print of prescription medicine bottles, newspapers, or any other item, a magnifying glass is helpful, but most of them are round and bulky. A glass that might fit in a purse might not easily fit inside a wallet. Credit card-sized magnifiers are small, convenient, and available in different magnification strengths. Some come with protective covers, and others have LED lights that can help you avoid eyestrain when you need to read where the lighting is dim.

Credit card magnifiers have Fresnel lenses, which can be used to start a fire. So if you take your credit card magnifier on a camping trip but forget the matches, you'll have a built-in fire starter.

Where to keep your credit card magnifier

Credit card magnifiers are small enough to store almost anywhere. Instead of stashing several pairs of reading glasses throughout your home, place magnifiers in strategic locations where they can be easily reached. Credit card magnifiers are often less expensive than reading glasses. Here are some ideas about where you may want to keep one:

  • Glove box of your vehicle
  • Office desk drawer
  • Kitchen junk drawer
  • Bedroom nightstand
  • Inside your wallet or purse
Why not keep one and give one to a friend?

Most credit card magnifiers available for sale come several to a pack, so you'll have enough to keep and share with friends or family members. They'll thank you when they need to read an item with small print and remember you gave them the tool to do so.