Monitor Bleeding Issues with Coaguchek XS Test Strips

To get an accurate time on how long it takes your blood to clot, there are Prothrombin Time (PT) tests like CoaguChek XS PT test strips available for patient use. The results are designed to be precise and delivered in one minute. They are valuable for those on blood-thinning medications, who have bleeding issues, or have hemophilia.

What are the benefits of using Coaguchek XS test strips in self-monitoring?

There are many benefits to patients who use the Coaguchek system to check their blood clotting:

  • Comfort - Only one drop of whole blood is needed for a precise INR result you get in one minute. The testing uses CoaguChek Softclix lancing devices, which are virtually pain-free. There's also a choice of side-dosing and top-dosing options for easier blood application.
  • Convenience - The test strips allow you to test anywhere wherever you wish. The INR test strips are small, so they are easy to take with you. They're kept at room temperature so no other special requirements must be met.
  • Safety - The system has its own integrity check for each strip used with the meter. During the measuring process, the device and strip are both constantly assessed to ensure there's enough blood for the application.
  • Choice - If you want an alternative to drawing blood from a vein for the test, you'll find the test strips to be very convenient.
  • Peace of mind - Know your number at any time for real peace of mind.
Can you use Coaguchek XS test strips if you're on other medications?

Many medications can have an impact on your INR levels. Antibiotics, antidepressants, antirheumatics, diuretics, laxatives, painkillers, foods with high amounts of vitamin K, and vitamin K itself all have an impact on INR levels. The use or intake of any of them doesn't disqualify you from using the self-monitoring system. Any concerns should be discussed with your healthcare provider.

Can Coaguchek XS Test Strips go with you when you travel by plane?

The test strips can go with you by plane. Ensure that they're packed in carry-on luggage or bags along with the meter and lancets. If you pack the test strips in your suitcase and your suitcase doesn't make it to your destination, you won't have what you need to test your blood results. It's also important to store the test strips at room temperature. The cargo hold of a plane can be substantially colder and could do damage to the test strips if they were stored in a suitcase there.

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