Maintain Your Mobility With a Bruno Wheelchair Lift

A wheelchair lift can be a great way to get your wheelchair, power chair, or scooter into a vehicle without a lot of hassle. Bruno wheelchair lifts are designed to support different types of personal assistance devices, and you can find these lifts both new and used at affordable prices on eBay. Getting to know some of the main components and functions of a wheelchair lift will help you find the one that works for you.

Do Bruno wheelchair lifts support different capacities?

You can find Bruno wheelchair lifts on eBay that can support different weight capacities based on your needs. Most lift capacities come in pounds. You can see the manufacturer for details once you find the model that appeals to you. The total capacity for any wheelchair lift usually includes being able to lift a personal mobility vehicle and a person into your larger vehicle at the same time. If your vehicle has a dedicated spot for your passenger, this feature offers you a convenient way to get them in and out while letting them remain in their chair.

Materials in Bruno wheelchair lifts

Each wheelchair lift you will find on eBay uses a variety of basic materials to get the job done. Different parts of the device use different materials that work together to give the lift its power. The platform that holds the chair or assistive device may use aluminum plating to keep it lightweight yet durable. Support beams that give the lift a frame usually use stainless-steel components for added strength and durability. Mounting brackets and their screws are also steel. The entire apparatus is lightweight and intended to be easy for you to set up and use yet strong enough to support both assistive devices and people.

Main features of Bruno wheelchair lifts

Most of the affordable wheelchair lifts you will find on eBay share similar basic features. Each feature is designed to streamline the use and operation of the lift. Some of the most common features in Bruno wheelchair lifts are:

  • Powered frame - Hydraulic pistons or arms can raise or lower the platform and any personal assistance devices automatically.
  • Controls - Simple push-button controls are designed to make it easy for you to operate the lift whenever you need to do so.
  • Power source - Some wheelchair lifts use a dedicated power source from an outlet, but you can also find lifts that run on battery power.
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