Antique Diamond Rings: The Heart of Your Antique Jewelry Collection

If you love jewelry, you know that antique jewelry pieces are wearable as well as collectible, often with unique features and visual flair that can't be matched by new items. Antique jewelry collections aren't only gatherings of unique and stunning jewelry pieces; they are also often good investments. Antique diamond rings on eBay, available in myriad styles and settings, would not only make desirable additions to your personal collection but also serve as an item you might enjoy wearing daily or to special occasions.

What antique diamond rings are available?

There is an enormous selection of antique diamond rings available in a variety of settings and styles and featuring a wide selection of metals. There are solitaire rings available along with rings that feature stone clusters or featured stones with accents for great beauty. You'll find rings that are Edwardian, Victorian, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau that might be a good investment as well as a fashionable status symbol.

What's the value or purchasing antique jewelry?

With the right knowledge, buying antique jewelry offers opportunities for preservation, value, and quality that can't be found in items produced today. There are many reasons why the collection or purchase of antique jewelry is wise including the following:

  • Environmentally friendly - Buying antique jewelry is recycling. Previously owned pieces benefit our planet in several ways. A re-circulating jewelry market decreases the desire for new items, which means less mining and air pollution.
  • Price - It's often much less expensive to buy antique items as opposed to new pieces or similar value. Often discounts on antique jewelry can be as high as 50%. Antique jewelry can also be considered an investment, and the older a piece and the better its shape, the more it's worth.
  • Quality - Antique jewelry items have already withstood the test of time, sometimes having seen decades of use and wear and still brilliant in appearance.
  • Style - As opposed to being limited to today's styles and trends, you can express great style and wear an antique piece with a design from a past era, often handcrafted by an artisan or jeweler.
  • Value - Antique jewelry has a history, which is something a new item can't possess. Individually hand-crafted pieces from the past are unique and often were made using techniques now impossible to replicate.
Difference between antique and vintage jewelry

Most consider jewelry antique if it's at least 100 years old though many Art Deco pieces created in the '20s and '30s are deemed antique. Fine antique jewelry often must use either platinum or yellow gold for its metal. Vintage jewelry is a term given to pieces that are a minimum of one generation old. Pieces made before the '80s are currently considered vintage.