Overview of adidas Superstar Run DMC Sneakers

adidas Superstar Run DMC White Sneaker

The Run DMC hip-hop edition adidas shoes are considered iconic sneakers. The adidas Superstar 80s shoes quickly became synonymous with Run DMC and the hip-hop culture. Since then, adidas has paid homage to the legendary rap group with two different special anniversary edition Superstar launches.

What are the adidas Superstar Run DMC 50th anniversary shoes?

The 25th-anniversary Superstars 80s sneakers were launched in commemoration of the "My Adidas" track released by Run DMC in 1986. The title of the hit single is printed on the sneaker's tongue. The sneaker is also tailored with a "1986" embroider in reference to the year the single dropped. adidas even included classic Run DMC "dookie" chain-laces crafted into a gold-lace jewel. On the heel tab, adidas added a tribute to the late Jam Master Jay.

adidas Superstar Run DMC Black Sneaker

The 80s Superstars come in the same white and black colorway that Run DMC made widely popular in the 1980s. Under the "JMJ" on the heel tab is where adidas stitched "1986" into the outsole heel. The leather lining of the footbed even has the Run DMC logo printed onto it. The three sets of laces that come with these shell-toe sneakers are red, black, and white.

How are Run DMC and adidas connected?

In 1986, Run DMC became the first non-athlete sports endorsement ever made by adidas. As a part of the endorsement deal, Run DMC recorded the track "My adidas," thus securing the group’s beloved Superstar sneaker's place in the pantheons of hip-hop culture and streetwear fashion.

Run DMC crafted the adidas Superstar into their own unique fashion brand. With the special anniversary launches, adidas has taken special care with adding several details in honor of Run DMC and everything they contributed to the Superstar brand. In November 2011, adidas launched the 25th-anniversary edition Run DMC Superstar 80s, and in November 2020, the 50th anniversary Run-DMC Superstar was released.

What are the Run DMC 25th Anniversary adidas shoes?

In November 2020, adidas released two different Run DMC-edition classic hip-hop sneakers as a part of the 50th anniversary of the Superstar. The Run DMC adidas Superstar is cloud white footwear with core black and hi-res red design emblems. The Run DMC adidas Superstar "Jam Master Jay" sneaker is core black footwear featuring cloudwhite and hi-res red accents. On the tongue, adidas includes a portrait of Jam Master Jay on the black pair and a Run DMC logo on the white pair.

The 50th anniversary Run DMC sneaker features a leather upper and rubber outsole. These classic hip-hop sneakers are considered to be a regular fit. Some of the other special details featured on these shoes include the branded fat laces and the Run DMC sockliner. These 50th-anniversary Superstars are built closer to the original shape of the popular originals.

adidas Superstar Run DMC White Sneaker

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