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adidas Water Shoes for Men

adidas Water Shoes For Men

adidas has indeed achieved worldwide status as a symbol for quality sports products. The brand is present in more than 160 countries. The company sends out at least 850 million products yearly. Producing annual sales of no less than €19 billion (Euros) clearly shows just how many men and women trust adidas for their various needs. Its claim as "The Badge of Sport" may have some truth to it. With trend-setting innovations in athletic shoes, water sports shoes, and other outdoor footwear, adidas shoes are the choice of athletes and sports enthusiasts all over the globe.

What adidas Water Shoes for Men Are Available?

Here are some water shoes adidas can offer you:

  • adidas Mens Terrex Climacool boat water shoes. These sport a lace-up, striped look. The Climacool feature means the midsole and TRAXION outsole provide maximum comfort and breathability. It has a nylon mesh upper.
  • adidas Mens Outdoor Satellize water shoes . Perfect for water adventures, these slip-on water shoes facilitate easy entry. Protect your feet from rough and wet surfaces with a super-high traction rubber outsole and long term cushioning.
  • adidas Mens Climacool Jawpaw Slip-On water shoes . These snug fitting shoes enable toe protection. You get asymmetrical heel loop and a stretchable heel insert. adidas water drainage system is a helpful feature for staying dry.

Why Do You Need Water Shoes?

adidas sells a particular line of water shoes to address the specific needs and requirements that wearers need to ensure safety on wet surfaces and activities like boat rides, hiking during the wet season, and other outdoor activities that expose you to wetness. You specifically need water shoes for these three features:

  • Quick-dry . You need quick-drying footwear in order to stay dry for longer periods of time. This feature prevents bacteria and other unhealthy foot conditions from developing on your feet.
  • Traction . Wet conditions pose safety risk. You are in danger of losing balance due to slippery surfaces. This feature ensures that your adidas water shoes are fitted with rubber outsoles that grant a secure grip so you dont slip or slide on wet areas.
  • Secure Protection. Water shoes are grippy, slip-on shoes that cling to your feet. You need not worry about losing a shoe as you wade or walk in the water.

How to Care For Your adidas Water Shoes

These three things help you maintain the quality and cleanliness of your water shoes:

  • Keep your water shoes odor free by 100 percent drying them before reuse. Leave them out to dry after wear each time and dont store them in plastic bags.
  • While sun exposure may speed up drying time, it tends to corrupt the quality of your wet shoes. Avoid placing them under direct heat from the sun.
  • Whenever features allow, turn your shoes inside out to better circulate the air and free your shoes from dirt and other odor-causing particles.

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