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adidas Men's Ultra Boost Men's Shoes Large

About adidas Men's Ultra Boost Shoes

From day one of its launch, adidas UltraBoost had a hit shoe on its hands that is credited with igniting the athleisure wear trend. But it was the Triple White colorway, created by Dirk Schönberger and James Carnes, that would send sneakerheads into a frenzy when a certain music star married to one of reality TV’s biggest names wore the shoes live during a 2015 music awards performance.
The UltraBoost isn’t just an athletic wear upstart, it’s a technological prodigy. With a Boost sole comprising thousands of small energy capsules, elite athletes who laud it and an adidas Primeknit upper, the shoe is a performance powerhouse. While tonal white remains most iconic, the UltraBoost’s squeaky clean silhouette allows its collaborations and colorways to shine — whether lapping the competition or taking it to the street.
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Finding Your Next Pair of adidas Ultraboost Shoes on eBay

When you're a runner with sneakerhead sensibilities, the adidas Ultraboost is the logical choice. These cushioned running shoes help keep you feeling great, even on long runs. And on eBay, you'll find countless colors and patterns.

Available types of adidas UltraBoost athletic shoes for men

The Ultraboost line comprises several different models of shoe, each one with its own unique features. These are some of the types of affordable Ultraboost sneakers you'll see on eBay:

  • S&L: This Ultraboost shoe name stands for suede and leather. It features a breathable upper and comes in a vast range of colors.
  • All Terrain: These colorful running shoes have an extra-rugged sole for running on any surface.
  • Ultraboost 19: This 2019 shoe has top-notch adidas cushioning to help reflect energy as your run. It comes in colors from basic to bright.
  • Ultraboost 20: These shoes have improved technology and also come in updated patterns.
  • Ultraboost Leather: These shoes feature Ultraboost functionality with an all-leather upper.
Which color is right for you?

While adidas Ultraboost shoes are renowned for their quality, they also are known for their range of colors and patterns. While the available colors are too numerous to list, these are a few of the color options you'll find on eBay:

  • Multicolored: If you like your running shoes in flashy colors, you'll love the dazzling brights of this shoe.
  • Parley blue: This color is a classic, muted blue.
  • White/black/solar orange: This combination adds a splash of bright orange to the classic black and white look.
  • Triple all white: If you prefer a bright white shoe, this color is a good choice.
  • Tri-color: In this pattern, the three adidas stripes you know well are featured in different colors.
Buying new or buying used?

When you shop on eBay, it's easy to find used and new adidas athletic shoes online. Buying used offers you a chance to save money, as well as to purchase Ultraboost shoes that are no longer made. When buying used, there are a few things to look for:

  • Tread quality: Often, shoe listings include a photo of the shoe tread. Look closely to make sure it isn't overly worn.
  • Upper condition: Zoom in on photos to look for any signs of tearing, staining, or excessive wear.
  • Presence of a box: This may not matter if you intend to keep the shoes. But if you want to resell, the original box can increase the value.
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