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adidas Superstar Athletic Shoes for Men

The Superstar Athletic shoes by adidas debuted as basketball shoes but quickly transitioned to a statement kick streetwear. They can still be used to play basketball or engage in similar sports. The sneakers feature a textile or a smooth leather upper body for durability, a shell for protection, and the iconic three adidas stripes.

What features do authentic adidas Superstar Sneakers have?

Before buying adidas Superstar Athletic Shoes, consider these tips:

  • Tongue label: The numbers on the box level should match those on the tongue level.
  • Retail box: Closely check the box for mistakes in alignment, spelling, brand logo, and the general quality. Genuine sneakers are housed in a sturdy shoebox that features the adidas logo.
  • Heel logo and stitching: The logo is normally featured on the heel of the shoe. Carefully check the shape and size of the trefoil. Also check the stitching, which should be neatly finished.
  • Outsole: The sneakers should have a distinct outsole pattern. Check the shape of the lines as well as the groove consistency.
Do adidas Superstar Athletic sneakers have features for skateboarding?

adidas has redesigned this shoe to allow for skateboarding. The redesigned sneakers are called the Superstar Adv with performance tweaks. These tweaks include a reduction in bulk and weight and a drop-in midsole that may enhance protection. Other features include a vector traction found at the outsole and a reworking of the brand’s three stripes.

What are Superstar 1s and Superstar 2s?

Superstar 1 is the original collection, and the thin leather tongue on the Superstar 1 is quite distinct. It is made up of a rubber toe with an all-leather upper.

Superstar 2 is a reinvention of Superstar 1 with a thick, padded tongue and an added lining. The Superstar 2 also has more complex prints and bolder colors.

How do you freshen up adidas sneakers?

A part of cleaning sneakers is freshening up the soles after they have experienced the perspiration of your feet. There are a few ways to freshen up your shoes, including:

  • Place the shoes in the freezer for at least two hours, and then air dry them before wearing them.
  • Put orange peels in the shoes, and allow them to sit overnight.
  • Stuff crumbled newspaper inside them. This soaks up the odor and moisture from the sweat.
  • Fill up your socks with kitty litter. Allow the filled socks to stay inside the shoes overnight.
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