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Get Comfortable with Adidas Mens T-shirts

The Adidas T-shirts come in sports and classic fits to accommodate a variety of activities. The trefoil Adidas logo is featured on the sleeve or front of their short and long-sleeved T-shirts. eBay offers a variety of new and secondhand Adidas Mens T-shirts in a range of colors, styles, and price points.

What styles of Adidas T-shirts for men are available?
  • Long-sleeve T-shirts: A long-sleeve tee is a type of pullover. The long sleeves extend to the wrists. Some of the long-sleeve shirts have slits in the wrist ribbing for the thumbs. This allows you to keep the sleeves from pushing back when you add additional layers.
  • Hoodies: A hoodie is a long-sleeve T-shirt that has a hood. It is worn as an outer layer of clothing in place of a jacket. An Adidas logo T-shirt may also come in a hooded design. The hood of the long sleeve T-shirt typically has drawstrings to keep it in place.
  • Short-sleeve T-shirts: These tees are available in V-neck and crew neck styles. The tees are also offered in a sleeveless or tank top design.
What materials are Adidas mens tees made from?
  • Regular and organic cotton: Adidas Originals T-shirts are available in regular and 100% organic cotton. These Adidas tees are breathable and offer a loose fit. The short-sleeve and long-sleeve T-shirts are offered in a full range of colors such as white and black.
  • Cotton blends: Cotton and polyester blends are also materials used for short- and long-sleeve T-shirts by Adidas. The blended material allows for stretch, softness, and breathability. Their ClimaLife and TechFit tees are made of this blended fabric. They are available in black, white, and many other colors.
  • Polyester: This synthetic fabric is used in Adidas Originals and sport T-shirts. This material is durable, soft, and can be designed with a form-fitting shape for working out. These mens Adidas shirts are available in black, white, and other colors.
What designs are on Adidas mens T-shirts?

Adidas Originals T-shirts typically feature the Adidas logo prominently displayed on the front. The Adidas logo is sometimes presented with a trefoil or with graphic designs. T-shirts with a graphic design may have the trefoil in a smaller size. Adidas Originals T-shirts are also offered in solid colors.

The Primeknit wool dip design is another colorful short- or long-sleeve option, and it features a gradient. In some cases, the T-shirts with long sleeves have a smaller logo with the trefoil nearby. Adidas T-shirts can come in stripes or in a classic design with a large trefoil logo and a smaller size Adidas company name.

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